The ability to grow a beard isn’t all you need for a great look. One thing the men’s grooming experts here at Refine Men’s Salon want you to know? Maintaining a great beard takes just as much work as maintaining amazing hair. Your beard care routine should include washing, conditioning, and more. To learn more about how to care for your facial hair, continue reading, and schedule an appointment at Refine Men’s Salon in Scottsdale for a professional touch!


Hopefully, you already know your beard should be washed. It’s in the line of fire for most of your regular routine, from drinking coffee to eating lunch, and it can trap food and skin cells. A regular wash routine can help rid your beard of those trapped particles and help you avoid that unpleasant itchy feeling.

Remember, you shouldn’t use the same soap on your beard as your body. Use shampoo at the very least, or a beard-specific shampoo if you want to get fancy. It will keep your beard clean, soft, and comfortable.


The next step in your beard care routine? Conditioner. A dry, scratchy beard can become unbearably uncomfortable, and conditioner helps lock in moisture to keep it soft. It can also help you tame and detangle the hair so you don’t look like you grew your beard while living alone in the woods.


If you have nice leather and wood products in your home, such as a butcher block, then you know that you need to oil them to keep them in great condition. You should do the same with your beard! (Although not with the same oil, please.)

Beard oil further softens your beard and can not only prevent beard dandruff, but it can also make your facial hair smell great! There are a lot of beard oils out there, so you may have to try a few before you find one that works for you. Not sure where to start? Ask your stylist the next time you visit Refine Men’s Salon for recommendations!


You brush your hair, right? (Right?) You should give your beard the same treatment. Brushing your beard helps tackle unruly tangles. It also helps distribute your natural skin oils and any beard oil you might apply to keep your beard healthy.

Regular brushing can also help your beard keep its shape! It can “train” your facial hair into the shape you want, which can help you go longer between trims without sacrificing style.


Another way to make sure your look stays more sleek than Sasquatch? Trimming your beard periodically. Beard hair doesn’t necessarily grow evenly, and you want it to keep a shape that flatters your face and your style as time goes on.

If you don’t want to visit a hair salon every time it needs a tweak, then it’s worth your time to learn how to trim it at home between appointments. First, invest in a high-quality beard trimmer. Choosing one with multiple attachments can give you more control over how your beard looks after a DIY trim, and it can save you from mistakes on those days your hand slips. You don’t want to have to give up on your beard because you accidentally shaved a bald spot into one side!

Generally, a good way to maintain consistent length throughout your beard is to give it a trim around the edges about every two weeks. For your mustache, a trim every few days can help tame any stray hairs, and you can use a simple pair of salon scissors for that task.


Shave? Yes, part of growing a spectacular beard is shaving. No one likes a neckbeard! Make sure you keep your razor so you can clean up any neck hairs as they grow in. As a general rule, you want to let your beard grow fully around your jaw and underneath your chin, but no further.

To make sure you don’t get too ambitious – or too lazy – with your maintenance shave, try to keep the line that your barber created at your last appointment, and clean shave anything below it. You can fade your neckline, but it will take more work and skill to maintain.

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