Creating a relaxing, pampering experience that also promotes health for both hair and skin, Refine’s team of aestheticians provides high-end, quality treatments for the scalp and face. Each personalized treatment is designed and engineered to protect the strength and vitality of your hair and face while providing relaxation in a private, soothing environment.

Scalp Treatments

Applying high-quality therapeutic solutions, your personal aesthetician delivers an invigorating scalp treatment meant to reverse the effects of exposure to sun and harmful toxins. Each 25-minute treatment is enhanced through antiseptic and antioxidant products, stimulating hair growth and improving scalp health.


Restoring youth, vitality and a radiant glow to your facial skin, each 45-minute facial includes a five-step rejuvenation process. First scrubbing the dead cells from your skin, then applying a face mask, toner and moisturizer, your Refine skin care professional completes the experience with a hot stone neck massage and hot towel arm and hand massage.