Refine Men’s Salon believes in offering rejuvenating services in a relaxing environment, and that means offering more than just haircuts. We can offer treatments to promote the health of your hair and skin, and every facial and scalp treatment is personalized to you. A true gentleman takes care of himself. Indulge in one of our treatments in the private, soothing environment of our Scottsdale salon, and you’ll not only feel better, you’ll also boost the vitality of your entire look. Continue reading to learn more about our services and call today to schedule your appointment.


Skin care is for everyone. Here at Refine Men’s Salon in Scottsdale, we can restore the youth and health of your skin with a 45-minute facial tailored to your needs. First, dead cells are scrubbed away. Then, your personal aesthetician will apply a face mask, followed by toner and moisturizer. To complete the rejuvenation experience, you will receive a hot stone neck massage and a luxurious hot towel arm and hand massage. As with any of our services here at Refine Men’s Salon, you will leave looking and feeling better than ever.

Scalp Treatments

If you are fighting dandruff, hair loss, or other signs of an unhealthy scalp, the personalized treatments here at Refine Men’s Salon can help you feel like yourself again. A Refine haircut comes with a scalp massage that can help address and relieve some of the symptoms, but when you want to take the next step and see real results, try an invigorating scalp treatment. Our aestheticians utilize effective therapeutic solutions that can reverse the effects of sun damage and exposure to toxins. Each treatment lasts for 25 minutes, supplemented by antiseptic and antioxidant products that can improve scalp health and even encourage hair regrowth. Call our Scottsdale salon today to learn more!

Make Your Appointment Today

Take the time to do something for yourself today. Make your next appointment at Refine Men’s Salon in Scottsdale. You can take our word for it — the people in your life will notice. Skin care should be essential to any man’s grooming routine, and the personalized facials we provide here at Refine Men’s Salon will convince you why. Whether you choose our facials and scalp treatments in conjunction or as separate self care appointments, you will walk away looking and feeling younger, healthier, and refreshed. You deserve services from a salon that regards men’s grooming as an art and a craft. Stop into our Scottsdale location or contact us today to schedule your next appointment!