It’s almost the New Year, and you may be ready to try a new look. However, advice across the internet will advise you not to get a haircut right before any New Year’s festivities in case things go horribly wrong. Getting a fresh new look before a big event can be a gamble, even if you find a talented stylist or barber who knows what they’re doing, but one way to cut down the risk is to communicate clearly with your stylist. In today’s blog, we’re presenting five tips on how to get the haircut you want with every appointment!

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Explain the Style You Want

The first step to walking away with the haircut you want is to talk to your stylist about what you want. You have an idea of how you want to look when you leave that chair, and your barber needs to know what you have in mind. Start with a general description of what you want, like a crew cut or fade. You can also tell them you want a look like a certain celebrity if you’re not sure how to describe it. If you don’t know the terminology for what you want, pictures are worth a thousand words! Download a picture to your phone or bring in a magazine to make sure you’re both on the same page about your haircut.

Specify How Much You Want Cut and Where

Describing the style you want is just the first step in getting the perfect haircut. You should also talk to your stylist about how you short you want your hair, and if you want certain sections to be longer or shorter than others. Telling them you want “just a little bit off the top” is a recipe for disappointment. Clarify that you want an inch off the top, or admit that you’re not sure how short you want it. Many barbers will trim a little at a time so you can specify when you’re happy.

If your traditional style requires clippers, try to remember the blade number your barber used on your favorite haircut. It’s a great shortcut for you and your stylist to know how you want it to look. For example, you can say that you want a two on the sides and a three on top, but make sure you are specific about where you want the “sides” to start, or you may end up an unintentional high fade or taper.

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