A good haircut can make you feel like the best version of yourself. On the other hand, a bad salon appointment can make you want to hide from the world until it grows out. With the right techniques and tips, you can go into your next trim with the confidence that you’ll walk away happy.

Refine Men’s Salon wants to ensure that every visit makes you look and feel your best. That’s why every haircut begins with a personal consultation so our stylists understand what you’re hoping to get from your appointment. Whether you are working with us or a new barber in a strange area, the tips in this article can help you communicate exactly what you want. Make sure you review part one of series for more advice, and when you’re ready, we hope you’ll stop into Refine Men’s Salon in Scottsdale for your next haircut!

Go Into Detail

There is a lot of barbershop lingo you can use to describe what you want, but at the very least, you should think about the different aspects of your haircut. You can customize the cut of your neckline, sideburns, and arches, as well as the texture of your style. Your stylist can give you recommendations if you’re not sure what you want, but it’s worth looking up a few new vocabulary words to make sure you get the haircut you want, especially if you’re visiting a stylist or a barbershop you’ve never seen before. Look for an upcoming blog post for a beginner’s guide to a few of your style options!

Listen to Your Stylist

Communication is essential to a haircut you’re happy with, and that not only means sharing your expectations, but also listening to what your stylist has to say. Certain styles don’t always work for every hair type or face shape, and insisting on a specific cut against your stylist’s advice can have unfortunate consequences. Even if you have something in mind, try to walk into your haircut with an open mind, and consider your stylist’s recommendations. They are the experts in finding a flattering option for your hair type and face shape, and they can likely help you find a compromise that incorporates what you want with a more personalized style.

Build Trust Over Time

One of the best ways to make sure you can depend on your stylist to get it right is to revisit the same barber time after time. They will learn what you like and what you don’t, and once you get to know each other, you may feel more comfortable clarify what you want from each haircut. A stylist that’s familiar with your hair, your style preferences, and your standards is much more likely to give you a haircut when compared to a strange barber.

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