Elevating men’s grooming and personal care to the highest level, our waxing technicians ensure superior results, leaving you to feel and look your absolute best. Delivering clean, tidy and glowing skin, each waxing treatment is quick, hassle-free and affordable.

Nose and Ears

Removing the embarrassing strays from nose and ear crevices, each men’s hair removal treatment at Refine is performed to eliminate the need for constant clipping.


Men’s eyebrow sculpting techniques have vastly improved over the last decade, allowing men to create a smooth, chiseled look that flatters and contours the face in all the right ways.

Back and Chest

Working first to soften and soothe the skin before beginning, your waxing technician will utilize their vast experience in waxing in order to ensure superior results with as little pain as possible. We’ll start with the best emollients and waxing products and end with cooling gels and towels to calm the skin. You’ll enjoy months of confidence and healthy skin.

Experience the freedom and confidence of hair-free skin by scheduling your private, men’s hair removal treatment now.