Getting the perfect haircut isn’t always as easy as sitting in a chair and letting a professional do all the work. It takes communication! At Refine Men’s Salon in Scottsdale, we are dedicated to giving you a haircut and style you love, which is why we begin every appointment with a personal consultation. Asking for the style you want can be hard, however, if you don’t know how to describe it!

Today, in part three of our series on barbershop terms, we’ll be talking about the detail work you may ask for, like the perfect neckline or sideburns. To learn all the vocabulary you need to describe your perfect haircut, make sure to check out parts one and two on men’s hairstyles and fade cuts. When you’re ready to look and feel your best, contact Refine Men’s Salon to make an appointment!


Your neckline is the point at the base of your head where your hair naturally tapers off. There are a few ways a hair stylist can cut it, typically using a pair of clippers without a guard.


A blocked or square neckline creates a straight, sharp line across your natural neckline. It looks very sleek and professional, but it will lose its definition as the hair starts to grow back. For a man with a thinner neck, a square neckline can make it seem thicker and more proportional to the rest of his body.


A rounded neckline also cuts through your natural neckline, but your stylist will round out the edges. This creates a smooth transition from haircut to neckline.


If you ask for a tapered or faded neckline, your hair stylist will blend your haircut down to the skin. A tapered neckline is a great choice for any man who doesn’t want to worry about the upkeep of a more sharply defined neckline. Your haircut will still look nice and professional even as the hair starts to grow back.


Now that you’ve addressed your neckline, it’s time to talk about your arches. Your arches are the space between your hairline and your ears. For men who just want a clean, simple style, dictating the style of your arches may seem like overkill. We know there are men out there who know exactly what they want out of a haircut, however, and we want to make sure you have the words to ask for it!

High Arch

A high arch means your barber will create more space between your hairline and your ears. They will cut your hairline higher to achieve this look, but make sure you talk to your professional hair stylist about specifically what you want and listen to their thoughts, because too high of an arch can look odd. A good high arch can enhance the look of smaller ears, but it can also look messy as the hair starts to grow back.

Natural Arch

A natural arch is for all the men who want to keep it simple. If you ask for a natural arch, then your barber will leave your hairline exactly how it is naturally. They will just clean up the edges so it looks nice and neat.


As a man, you have a lot of options when it comes to your sideburns! Men’s hairstyles have changed over the years, with popular haircuts ranging from practically no sideburns to grown out, wild west-style sideburns. What kind of sideburns do you like for your look? You can dictate how long and how thick you want your sideburns to be, and we’ve got your guide on what to ask for.


Sideburns cut to mid-ear length is the style that most men have, even if they don’t know how to ask for it. As you may have guessed, your barber will cut your sideburns to end parallel to the middle of your ear. This is a great go-to for men who are unsure of what sideburn cut would look best on them, and it works with many haircuts and styles.

Bottom of Ear

Longer sideburns can be great for framing your face, and they blend well with whatever beard or stubble you’re cultivating. Most hair stylists will recommend that you cut your sideburns at the point where they are fullest so you have more control over how they look. If you have the hair to spare and you’re ready to rock longer sideburns, then you can ask your barber to trim them level with the bottom of your ear. However, if you have a short, clean-cut hairstyle, then long sideburns can come with the risk of making you look like a villain from another era.


We’ve talked about fade haircuts and necklines, so you probably have an idea of what we mean when we talk about tapered sideburns. You can still dictate how long and wide you want your sideburns to be, but your barber will gradually trim the hair down to your skin instead of leaving it as is. This can be a great look for blending your sideburns into your beard. However, tapered sideburns do require more upkeep, as stray hairs and regrowth can make the fade look patchy.

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